Captineer Restorations & Retro Fits

Part of our mission is to breath new life into boats that might otherwise be near the end of their lives.

We go over every inch the vessel and make her sea worthy, clean, and electric powered.




The second boat we converted was a John Alden design 30' Wooden Boat that was a bit of a disaster when we got her. The electric conversion was the easy part. After pulling her and restoring the hull (complete with cotton caulking the carvel planking, refastening planks, planing off dead wood, plugging holes, and stripping the paint to reveal the mahogany freeboard), we outfitted her with an electric system and sailed her successfully for the summer. Over the winter we tackled the interior and got her "finished" just in time for the Mystic Wooden Boat Show. Aurore does not currently have any extra solar or wind power, but plugging in at the dock ensures 25-30 miles of motoring at 5 knots (or double that at 4 knots), making her a great weekender.  She is currently for sale- contact us for more information.

The prototype: The Beneteau 30 'showtime'

Our first conversion was a Beneteau First 30e 'Showtime'. It has proven to be a terrific platform for an electric motor. 'Showtime' was also used for lots of experimentation, and in 2015 was declared completed with version 3.2 of the 10kW system. Showtime is great at regenerating power while under sail (when going 4+ knots) because we optimized the drive train with a Max folding prop and PYI drip-less shaft seal. Captineer's special touch is optimizing the drive train even further through programming the motor for regenerative efficiency.  The Beneteau's fin keel makes this all the more viable.   She is also supplemented with two 400 watt 48 volt AirX wind turbines, along with a 100 watt solar panel.  In ideal conditions, four hours of sailing at 6.5 knots or more can generate enough power through these systems to motor at 5 knots for an hour.  This means that it is possible to be completely self-sustaining with the proper ratio of sailing to motoring. 

Winter of 2016 Showtime was sold to a new owner who has embraced the joys of electric power, but keeps her local so we don't miss her too much.  

showtime iris blurr.png