System Sales

There are many great option for Electric Propulsion. Captineer's goal is to offer our clients the best options for their needs.

Thunderstruck offers basic systems at the lowest price point. Because these systems are sold as parts we do not recommend them for self installation. For that reason these systems are only priced with installation. These systems are great for boats up to 40 feet, and are not compatible with saildrives.


electric yacht.png

Electric Yacht offers a whole range of products for electric propulsion. These systems are complete and well engineered. These systems range have enough power for boats up to 50 feet. These systems also integrate well with generators for hybrid systems. These can be bough for self installation or with installation. If you would like to install it yourself we still recommend having the battery banks and wiring harnesses be setup by a marine electrician. 



Oceanvolt systems are imported from Finland and are the top of line electric propulsion systems. Oceanvolt system are available for any needs, integrate well with generators, and have straight drive, saildrive, and pod systems. 



For a quote on any of these systems please click on the "Learn More" button and complete the form with any relative information.